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Stainless Steel & Walnut Handrail Flat End Caps

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Our Stainless Steel & Walnut Handrail is the best of both worlds and offers a sleek alternative to standard handrails. The handrail itself is from beautifully selected walnut, machined into a perfect 45mm diameter handrail. The Walnut is then finished off with stainless steel brackets and end caps. 


We leave our handrails unfinished so the customer can add a finish of their choice, however they can be fitted as delivered.


Including suitable screws and wall plugs.

  • Lengths below 2m have 2no brackets.
  • Lengths below 3m have 3no brackets.
  • Lengths below 4m have 4no brackets.
All handrails will be delivered in one complete length for 3m or less, so please ensure you can get the larger sections through doors and around corners etc. All sections 3.5m or above will be split into two parts with a specialist timber connector. 
Our wall brackets and end caps are also in a 320 grit finish and really set the handrail off and give it that impressive look, our fittings are imported from Italy and are of the highest quality on the market. 

All countersunk woodscrews are supplied with our items so there are no extra costs when it comes to you fitting the item.


With our Walnut handrails they can be easily cut down by the customer or we will be happy to do it, when ordering chose the next size up and then get in touch with your cutting requirements. 


We deliver all our items for free often within 5 working days from dispatch.

All items are made within the UK in the West Midlands.


We are the UK's cheapest supplier of stainless steel handrails so why go anywhere else? 

  • We send the most brackets on the larger handrails, some people are only sending 2 brackets for a 3m handrail!
  • Made to any size you require - listed in many increments to keep it simple!
  • Beautifully machined Walnut in 45mm Diameter. 
  • Extremely easy to fit, you supply the drill and the wall and we supply the rest!! 
  • Quick turnaround times, even on bespoke items
  • All fixings are included 
  • All produced in the West Midlands 
  • Stainless steel polished to 320grit minimum giving the highest standard finish
  • All items are handmade so if you need a particular size not listed, simply get in touch


Prior to fitting, please store your rails on a flat surface, do not leave them overhanging or propped up as this can cause the wood to warp.

  • Safely get your handrail into your building/ installation area.
  • Unpack rail.
  • Offer the plastic end cap retainer to the rail and fix it centrally using the woodscrew provided, push on the stainless steel end cap. The same process should be used to attach the joiner, if one is required.
  • Decide on a location for your brackets and offer them to the rail. Mark them with a pencil and screw into position. 
  • Offer your rail with the brackets on against the wall, use a pencil and carefully mark out the position of the holes. Repeat this until all holes are marked.
  • Double check all positions prior to drilling.
  • Once you’re satisfied, drill all the holes to suit a No12 woodscrew. Pilot holes must be drilled on the rail to prevent damage or fitting problems.
  • Offer wall rail back up and fix using No.12 woodscrews and plugs if required.
  • Admire your new rail.


Please note: Due to the nature of the product, we strongly advise against using self-tapping screws and electric screwdrivers when fitting this product. It is important that pilot holes are drilled first, and only handheld screwdrivers are used in order to prevent damage to fittings and rails.


Cleaning Instructions/ Maintenance 

Any good stainless-steel cleaner will get your handrail looking like brand new. As the handrail comes unfinished, it is recommended that a lacquer or stain is regularly applied to prolong the life of the rail.


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