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Useful Information

Here are a few of our useful tips that we have built up over the years to help you with deciding what you need to order, how to look after your products or cleaning your stainless steel after you have brought it.

What experience do you have with architectural metalwork (balustrade & handrails)

We have been in the industry for over 12 years..... we have lots of experience and our staff can help with the majority of tasks. 

Where are your products from?

All our handrail is made from the best quality stainless steel handrail tube, all of our components are imported from Italy. All items are polished to a minimum of 320grit.

When will I get my items?

We have over 2000 items in stock and ready to dispatch, so they will be with you within a few days from order. All handrails are handmade and are usually dispatched within a couple of days. Please note 3m handrails made in one length can sometimes take slightly longer due to the size.

How do I unwrap my new product?

This may seem a simple question, but it does need thinking about. Our handrails come shrink wrapped and then card wrapped. Please remember using a knife or a sharp pair of scissors can really scratch your rail. So always work in the direction away from the rail if using a knife.

What height should my handrail be put up at?

All handrails on a staircase should be set between 900mm and 1000mm to the top of the rail, this complies with building regulations. 

How to look after and maintain your products?

All our products are of fine quality. They are really easy to keep clean. Simple stainless steel cleaner (Kitchen or Bathroom) will make any rail looking brand new.

How do I know my product is fit for purpose?

Many of our competitors only put two brackets on a 3.5m handrail! This to us is not fit for purpose and shouldn't be sold as a handrail. A bracket shouldn't really be any more then 1200mm apart from the next. Please keep this in mind when choosing your company. We have a drawing of our rails on our product page.

Our components are imported from Italy, they are designed for handrails and balustrade so why go anywhere else?

What is the difference between grade 304 and 316

All of our components are available in Grade 304 and Grade 316. This is very important, grade 304 is for internal works and grade 316 is for external works. Grade 304 can sometimes be used externally as long as the installation is not near a coastal area. If you need any more help then please get in touch!