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Welcome to We have been trading 18 months, and we have gone from strength to strength. We have supplied over 600 premade handrails in this time via our webshop and also our Ebay store SimpleBalustrades. 

We have learnt alot in this time and here are some of our important subjects to share.

1. Don't trust companies selling sub standard materials. Alot of our customers are selling rubbish basically. We have seen them offer chrome, cheap metal imported from China and worst of all passing off cheaper 240grit material as smooth and reflecting 320grit (which by the way is all we use.

2. This a fairly new one on us, our competitors are using cheap rivnuts instead of drilling and tapping the handrail tube. These Rivnuts may work for a while, but why would you have something that can drop out. They even advertise that a Rivnut is stronger!!

3. Companies offering special coating on the handrails to keep them waterproof. Again this is just another sales ploy. Standard stainless steel cleaner is perfect for looking after your tube and fittings.

4. There are alot of substandard glass clamps currently on the market. You can spot these a mile off. They have an extra hole where this is a grub screw in the middle. These are extremely dangerous and should not be used for balustrade. All our clamps come with a fixing to attached the glass clamp and also a safety pin along with suitable rubbers.

Thanks for reading our first blog!!!